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You may have already seen this fabulous clip of Tommypom’s secret origin, by way of Taiwan’s Next Media Animation, announcing Tumblr’s new video player. And of course you’re aware of Reblorg’s own secret origin. But wait, there’s more! How would you like to appear in a Taiwanese animation of your very own?

Of course you would! And the tryout is easy. Just submit a post to Reblorg describing your own Tumblr’s secret origin. You can submit your idea in any form, be it text or images or both, as long as it somehow makes enough sense to translate into an NMA animation. Just submit your general idea for the clip — not an actual script. That comes later! And you will indeed have a personal cameo in your secret origin video, so make sure to include yourself somehow. Figure the clip will be about a minute long, and it will follow the usual NMA animation and story style. We’ll help the lucky winner write up the treatment for NMA’s scriptwriters, and the final animation will be posted on Reblorg for all to see. Submit now!

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